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405 - Quit saying "what did you forget?"

December 23, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 405
Mama's Daily Dose
405 - Quit saying "what did you forget?"
Show Notes

Instead of saying, "What did you forget?"

Replace it with, "What did you remember."

Words are powerful! We put our energy and focus into what we say and believe.

This idea came from Marisa Peer who is British therapist, author and speaker and focuses on language. She says, "Changing one word will change their (children) life." 

She tells a story of how she would drop her daughter at school and when she got to the gate she would come running back to her and Marisa would say, "What have your remembered."

She would then focus on the fact that her daughter remembered before she got into school, instead of chastising her for forgetting something at home.

What this does is have your and your children focus on remembering instead of forgetting. When you tell yourself that you keep forgetting things or you have a horrible memory, you will focus on that and continue to to prove yourself right.

Whereas, if you focus on what you've remembered and tell yourself you have a good memory that is where your energy will go.

You aren't forgetting, you're remembering.
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