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402 - What is really important to you?

December 20, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 402
Mama's Daily Dose
402 - What is really important to you?
Show Notes

Do you know what is really important to you?

What are your driving factors? What are your values? What are your non-negotiables?

If you can't quickly answers the top 3 things (or values) in your life that are important to you, there is a good change you are feeling a little lost or you have a difficult time making decisions.

I felt like something was missing for a long time. I was unable to make quick decisions because I couldn't decide what was really important to me.

When you are able to name and know your top 3 values then you have a guide and filter which you can quickly run decisions through. It takes away the much of the angst because you know why you are making the decision and you can do it that much quicker.

Pick your top 3 values. They don't have to be forever, but what are you top 3 NOW?

Use these as your guide. If you follow it, it will bring you closer to your goals and who you want to be without being distracted by other shiny things.

And before you set your goals for next year, know your values. If your goals are not inline with your values, your values will win out. 

For example, one of my values (my top value) is family first. I had a goal of building and online business that was taking time away from my family. My goal went against my value. There way not way to achieve my goal.

Know your values and ensure your goals are inline with them.
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