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398 - What habit do you want to start?

December 14, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 398
Mama's Daily Dose
398 - What habit do you want to start?
Show Notes

Starting a effective habit is the opposite of stopping the ineffective habit.

There are 4 elements to every habit - this comes from James Clear in his book Atomic Habits.
1. Cue
2. Craving
3. Response
4. Reward

1. Cue - you feel overwhelmed after a hectic day and the kids are finally in bed
2. Craving - you crave something to take the edge off and calm you down
3. Response - you drink a glass of wine
4. Reward - your glass of wine satisfies your craving and you feel calm 

If you want to change this to a more effective habit for you, you must recognize the cue and craving, then change the response.

So instead of responding with a glass of wine (or chocolate in my case) you replace it with something else - I use mints.

The cue and craving are the same but you change the response in order to change an ineffective habit to an effective one. Make it easier for yourself by making the effective habit attractive - I moved the chocolate chips up on a high shelf so it is more difficult to grab and put mints in an easy to reach place.

What effective habit do you want to start?
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