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391 - Monday MamAffirmation: I sweat the little stuff

December 05, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 391
Mama's Daily Dose
391 - Monday MamAffirmation: I sweat the little stuff
Show Notes

Say what?!? Aren't you supposed to let the small stuff go so you can focus on the big matters?

I know this goes against what most people say, but I want you to sweat the small stuff when it comes to creating new habits, breaking old one and working towards your goals.

It is now December and a great time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the next year.

The issue with most people when they do this is they try to make HUGE sweeping changes in their lives. You feel guilty for the indulgence during the holiday so you tell yourself:
* No more spending money
* No junk food
* No more drinking
* I'm going to the gym for 1 hour ever single day

And while these actions all have great intentions. The are most likely doomed.

How many times have you vowed a New Year's resolution and not achieved it? I know I have quite a few!

Here's how to create new habits, break old ones and make your way toward your goal without feeling overwhelmed:

Focus on the small actions.

Take 1 super small step towards your goal. I'm talking so small here! They key to establishing a new habit (or breaking an old one) is to do it! Actually do it...and do it consistently. The only way to do keep it up consistently is if it is something you can and will do.

Well duh! Is what you may be saying now, but really most people do NOT do this. They try to make huge changes on Jan 1 and then realize its just too much and go back to their old habit.

But not YOU! You're going to pick 1 super small thing to do and you will do it each day!

Pick 1 small action to do today and for each day (at least most days) for the rest of the month.
You don't have to wait for the new year to work towards your goal!

Start now and it will be much easier to keep up in Jan.

- 10 squats per day
- meditate 10 seconds per day
- eat 1 vegetable a day
- cut out 1/2 cup of coffee
- read 1 page per day

These seemingly small actions are something you can actually do each day, even on those hectic days. And they will add up way quicker than you think!
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