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381 - I am honest with myself

November 21, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 381
Mama's Daily Dose
381 - I am honest with myself
Show Notes

 So the extreme of honesty - absolutely no lying at all, none! Could you do it?

I read a book where the author went one year without lying at all! I'm talking about NONE.

Like when her kids made her breakfast in bed and then asked how it tasted. She said not good!

An acquaintance asked the question we hear all the time, "how are you?" She said the honest truth - she wasn't doing great and why.

Now, I don't feel this is necessary. There is a difference between lying about cheating on your husband and lying to your kids that the food they made you is delicious when really its barely edible.

Also, I don't want to burden an acquaintance with my issues when they were simply asking how I am. I feel that would do more damage to their day then the little "lie."

Whether you believe not lying at all is a good thing or even a feasible thing for you; there is one person you can NOT lie to - you.

Be honest with yourself. You know when you are lying to yourself. Even when you are trying to encourage yourself, pick realistic, truthful options.

I'm all for being positive and seeing the glass is half full. But if a terrible thing happens to you; you can't lie to yourself and say just be grateful or that its actually good when you know it's terrible! There will probably be a time for reflection later when you can see the good and be grateful but be honest with yourself in the moment - feel the terrible and crappy, don't try to lie to yourself, because you know you way better than that!
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