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370 - Why "thank you" isn't enough

November 04, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 370
Mama's Daily Dose
370 - Why "thank you" isn't enough
Show Notes

Do you encourage your kids to say "thank you?"

If so you are in the company of about 85% of other parents. And yes, "thank you" and "please" while we're at it are extremely important, kind words. Especially when you are trying to express gratitude or receive something from another person.

But is "thank you" really enough to express gratitude and to feel gratitude?

To take it a step further about 39% of parents encourage their kids to experience gratitude in other ways - such as volunteering, helping other, acts of kindness.

What makes us remember things is how we FEEL. Not what we say.

Today instead of having your kids only say "thank you" ask them how it felt to receive an act of kindness. Or how it felt when someone said thank you to them and expressed gratitude.

Do this yourself as well. Really tap into the feeling of gratitude, beyond saying "thank you."
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