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367 - What is gratitude?

November 01, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 367
Mama's Daily Dose
367 - What is gratitude?
Show Notes

Gratitude. Many people use this word. You probably have tried a "gratitude practice." Asked your kids to say "thank you." 

All the gurus tell you to practice gratitude, it will make you healthier, happier and overall a better person....but what is gratitude?

Is it an emotion, virtue, behavior? Something you're supposed to do? Something you have to practice? Some elusive unicorn?

A number of Psychologists now recognize 3 types of gratitude:
1. An affectionate trait: your overall tendency to have a grateful disposition or manner.
2. A mood: the daily fluctuations in gratitude
3. An emotion: a more temporary feeling of gratitude like when you get a give or someone does a kind favor for you.

There's basically short term (emotion), medium term (mood) and long term (trait).

Today take notice of the different types of gratitude and how it can be extremely short term AND long term.
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