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361 - Monday MamAffirmation: I connect with future me

October 24, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 361
Mama's Daily Dose
361 - Monday MamAffirmation: I connect with future me
Show Notes

 What does future you look like? What is she doing?

I'm talking like 80 year old you!

Do you connect with your future self? Her desires, her wants and needs?

If you can connect with yourself in the future - the woman and mom you want to be, you can make better decisions now to get you to where you want to be.

There was a study done about saving for retirement. One group was shown an avatar of their current self and the other was shown an avatar of their future self (retirement age). Then they were asked how much they would save for retirement.

The group that saw their future selves put away 30% more for retirement than the current group!

When you are more emotionally connected to your future self, you will incorporate that more into your current life.

Take action today -
Who is future you? What does she want, what does she do?
Paint a picture of who you are in the future so you can emotionally connect with her and make decisions now to become her!

Future you weighs less and is healthier - you start making healthier eating choices.
Future you is patient and present with her kids - you practice more patience today.
Future you is living in her dream home - you make choices to save money.

Repeat, repeat, repeat!
An affirmation (or MamAffirmation) is used to embed self esteem and a positive mindset in those that repeat and believe it.

Take a look in the mirror today, Mama and repeat the above MamAffirmation.

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