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346 - Monday MamAffirmation: I have faith in myself

October 03, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 346
Mama's Daily Dose
346 - Monday MamAffirmation: I have faith in myself
Show Notes

Do you have faith in yourself like your kid has faith in the tooth fairy?

It sounds a little ridiculous as an adult but remember how magical the tooth fairy sounds when you're a kid...
A fairy that flies in, gently grabs your tooth and leaves you money under your pillow.

As an adult it sounds kinda creepy - A person with wings somehow flies in your house, has to be super quiet in order to take a tooth that fell out of your mouth and for some reason she wants the tooth over the money she gives. And what does she do with the teeth anyways???

I have so many questions...

But I digress...the point here is if your kids can believe and have faith in this magical fairy that would rather have their tooth than cash, then surely you can have faith in yourself.

What is faith??? says:
“confidence or trust in a person or thing."
"belief that is not based on proof."

Your child has that confidence that the tooth fairy will come and trade their tooth for money. They've never seen said tooth fairy, they have no proof; yet they still believe.

Do you have confidence in yourself? Do you believe in yourself even when their is no proof?

Think of time you had confidence and believed in yourself despite the fact there was no exact proof that you would succeed?

Why did you believe in yourself? What gave you the confidence?

Repeat, repeat, repeat!
An affirmation (or MamAffir
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