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342 - Examples of successful moms

September 27, 2022 Meghan Q Barrett Episode 342
Mama's Daily Dose
342 - Examples of successful moms
Show Notes

What makes a mom "successful" or not?

Depends on the person! You get to decide what "success" looks like to you.

What some people or society may deem as successful doesn't look too great to you.

Maybe a successful mom looks like:

  • A SAHM that is home every day when her kids arrive and makes a home cooked meal.
  • A working mom that contributes financially to her family.
  • A mom that starts her on non-profit.
  • A mom that starts her own business.
  • A mom that volunteers in her spare time.
  • A mom that is patient with her kids.

All of these could be right, or could be wrong!

You define what a "successful mom" looks like to you. When you know what your aim is then you can start taking small steps towards that.

There are plenty of examples of successful moms in all arenas - find the ones that speak to you. 

So what does "success" look like for your RIGHT NOW? This could change in a couple years, maybe you're the mom that wants to stay home with your kids now, but in 10 years you want to start your own business. What is success to you now - you aren't married to it, it can (and possibly will) change.
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